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Thanks to outstanding overall programming in 2014, our club has been recognized by the Notre Dame Alumni Association as achieving Program of Excellence. Through a demonstrated commitment to each of the Six C’s, our club has established itself as a model for other Notre Dame clubs around the country. This couldn't have been possible without the incredible support of the ND Miami family. Thank you and Congratulations!

A primary objective for our club is to grow its membership each year. By engaging more alumni and friends in the Miami area, we increase the reach of the University and advance its mission. By joining the ND Club of Miami, local alumni and friends can feel welcomed by the same sense of community that beats at the heart of Notre Dame’s campus.  

Boosting club membership also serves as an investment in Notre Dame’s future. The dues collected from club members help fund scholarships for local Notre Dame students, allowing a new generation to take advantage of the life-changing education and experiences offered at Our Lady’s University. 

To accomplish our goals we need your support and leadership. Please join us in membership and help grow our alumni presence in Miami. 

If you prefer to send a check, please complete the
membership form here and mail the form and check to:

Notre Dame Club of Miami

Attn: Daniel Yanez
PO Box 557452
Miami, FL 33255-7452


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